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My journey with the 19th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards

In the realm of photography, there are moments that transcend the ordinary, moments that validate the countless hours spent behind the lens, and moments that redefine what it means to be recognized for one's craft. For me, one such moment arrived when I received the news of being awarded an Honourable Mention in the prestigious 19th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for women photographers worldwide.

The Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, named after the pioneering 19th-century British photographer, celebrate the work of women photographers across the globe, honoring their creativity, vision, and dedication to the art form. To have my image acknowledged among such a talented pool of artists was a humbling experience in itself.

My image "An Isolated Generation" was awarded an Honourable Mention. I created the image to serve as a poignant snapshot of childhood amidst the unprecedented lockdown measures in Wales. Choosing Bangor high street as the backdrop was a deliberate decision, as its deserted atmosphere perfectly mirrored the solitude and quietude that became the new normal for children during the pandemic. Amidst the emptiness, a Welsh doll stands as a striking symbol, representing the resilience of tradition amidst uncertainty. Through this prop, the image captures a child navigating the challenges of the pandemic while holding onto the comforting threads of cultural heritage. In this way, "An Isolated Generation" transcends its visual composition, offering a profound reflection on resilience, adaptability, and the enduring spirit of childhood in the face of adversity.

What made this recognition even more special was knowing that my work had caught the eye of Barbara Davidson, a powerhouse within the world of photography. With three Pulitzer Prizes to her name and the esteemed title of Guggenheim Fellow, Barbara's discerning eye and incredible talent make her a highly respected judge. And when I learned that she'd selected my image, I felt such an immense sense of pride and gratitude.

But the journey didn't end there. Following the news, I was invited to exhibit my work alongside an array of exceptionally talented women at Fotonostrum, the Mediterranean House of Photography. It was a chance to not only showcase my work but also to connect with fellow photographers, share stories, and draw inspiration from their unique perspectives and experiences.

To be a part of such a vibrant and diverse community of artists was a privilege beyond measure.

As we come to the end of this chapter, I'm reminded that every photograph tells a story - a story of resilience, connection and the beauty found in unexpected places. From the quiet streets of Bangor, to the vibrant community of Barcelona, the recognition from the 19th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and the enriching experience at Fotonostrum has left an indelible mark on my photographic journey.

A heartfelt thank you to Barbara Davidson, the esteemed juror, and the incredible team at Fotonostrum for their invaluable recognition and for providing a platform to showcase the diverse and inspiring work of women photographers worldwide.

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